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Avaya S8800 Media Server

The S8800 series common server is a powerful and reliable processing platform that is ready to support Avaya Aura communications solutions today and in the future. The Avaya S8800 Server leverages Intel’s latest Xeon E5500 series (Nehalem) processor technology, and is available in both 1U and 2U form factors. Most Avaya applications will use the S8800 1U server chassis; some applications that require a large number of hard disk drives and / or plug-in cards will use the 2U version of Avaya S8800 Server.
Communication Manager supports the 1U model of the S8800 Server. While installingCommunication Manager in simplex mode on the S8800 Server, you only use 1 S8800 Server,whereas, installing Communication Manager in duplex mode requires you to have 2 S8800 Servers.
Server Specifications


    Height: 43 mm (1.69 inches, 1U)
    Depth: 711 mm (28 inches)
    Width: 440 mm (17.3 inches)


    Maximum weight: 15.4 kg (34 lb.) when fully configure

Heat output

    Approximate heat output:
    • Minimum configuration: 662 Btu per hour (194 watts)
    • Maximum configuration: 1400 Btu per hour (400watts)
    Heat output varies depending on the number and type of
    optional features that are installed and the powermanagement
    optional features that are in use.   

Acoustic noise emissions

Declared sound power, operating: 6.1 bel
The sound levels were measured in controlled acoustical
environments according to the procedures specified by the
American National Standards Institute (ANSI) S12.10 and
ISO 7779 and are reported in accordance with ISO 9296.
Actual sound-pressure levels in a given location might exceed
the average values stated because of room reflections and
other nearby noise sources. The declared sound
levels indicate an upper limit, below which a large number of
computers will operate.

Electrical input requirements

    • Sine-wave input (47 - 63 Hz) required
    • Input voltage low range:
        - Minimum: 100 V AC
        - Maximum: 127 V AC
    • Input voltage high range:
        - Minimum: 200 V AC
        - Maximum: 240 V AC
    • Input kilovolt-amperes (kVA), approximately:
        - Minimum: 0.194 kVA
        - Maximum: 0.700 kVA

Front connectors

    • Two USB
    • Video

Back connectors

    • Six Ethernet (RJ— 45 connectors).
    • Serial
    • Two USB
    • Video
    • Systems management Ethernet (IMM)

Server components


    Intel E5520 quad core,
    2.26 GHZ processor


    4 GB of 1333 Mhz, fullybuffered
    DDR-3 RD

Media drive

    DVD-R/W SATA slimline

Hard disk drive expansion bays

    Six 2.5-inch hot-swap SAS
    hard disk drive bays

Hard disk drive

    Two 146 GB SAS 2.5" 10K
RPM hard drives

RAID controllers

    ServeRAID-MR10i RAID
    SAS adapter that provides 
    RAID levels 1 or 5. Includes
    256 MB cache module and
    battery for write cache




PCI expansion slots

    Two PCI Express x16 Gen 2 slots

Hot-swap funs


Power supply

    One 675W, 12V AC power

Video controller

    Integrated Matrox G200 (two
analog ports: one front and
one rear that can be connected at the same time)
The maximum videoresolution is 1280 x 1024 at 75 Hz.

• SVGA compatible video controller
• DDR2 250 MHz SDRAM video memory controller
     • Avocent Digital Video Compression
• Video memory is not expandable