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Avaya IG550 Integrated gateway

The IG550 is designed for use in a 20-to-100 user environment, with optimal performance at branch offices with 20 to 80 telephones. The IG550 features Standard Local Survivability (SLS). SLS provides partial backup media gateway controller (MGC) functionality in the event that the connection with the primary MGC is lost.

In addition to advanced and comprehensive telephony services that are provided by the  TGM550, the Juniper J-series Router, either the J4350 or J6350, provides full data networking  services, precluding the need for a WAN router. The J-series routers use Juniper Physical  Interface Modules (PIMs) for the hardware components to support network and routing  features. The J-series routers also provide Ethernet connections to a separate Ethernet switch  that IP phones connect to.

The IG550, through its use of the TGM550 and TIMS, supports the following features: 

- Traditional telephones and trunks. In particular:

- Two built-in line ports to support two analog telephones or incoming analog DID  trunks on the TGM550

- Two built-in analog trunk ports to support a trunk or trunks of the following types on  the TGM550:

        - Loop start

        - Ground start

- Analog Centralized Automated Message Accounting (CAMA)

- Direct Inward/Outbound Dialing (DIOD) (Japan only)

- An additional four analog line ports and four analog trunk ports on the TIM514

-  IP telephones

- Survivability features for continuous voice services

- VoIP Media Gateway services

- ISDN-BRI trunks

- E1/T1 DS1 trunks

        - Fax and modem over IP

- Real Time Transport Protocol (RTP)/Real Time Transport Control Protocol (RTCP)  processing

- Remote Authentication Dial-in User Service (RADIUS) Authentication support

- Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) traps and informs (v1 and v2 only)  sent to the primary controller

- SNMP v3 for remote management access, traps and informs

- Secure Shell (SSH) Authentication support

- Secrets encryption of configuration data 

- Avaya Communication Manager (CM) media server management

- Integrated Management Solutions support

- Extensive alarming and troubleshooting features

- Modem access for remote administration 

- Media Gateway Controller (MGC) automatic switchover, migration, and survivability  features

- Modem backup connection to the MGC via a modem connected to the J-series router

- Standard Local Survivability (SLS)

- Dynamic Call Admission Control (CAC), in conjunction with the J-series router, for Fast  Ethernet, Serial, and GRE tunnel interfaces

- File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP), and Secure Copy  (SCP) client

- Telnet client

- FTP/TFTP server

- Secure Shell (SSH) and Telnet server