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Avaya G650 Media Gateway

Avaya G650 Media Gateway
The Avaya G650 Media Gateway is a fourteen slot, rack mounted carrier configured for TN format circuit packs. This gateway provides customers with a single rack mounted design (8U high, 14 inches) that can be installed in industry standard EIA-310D 19”, 24” or 600 mm ETSI open or closed racks.
From a hardware standpoint all of the 14 card slots will be universal in nature and could support any of Avaya’s TN circuit packs, however slots 1 and 2 will generally be used to hold the processor cards. The software in some cases may require that specific cards (like the IPSI and Tone Generation boards) be located in specific card slots – just as in many of today’s products.
The G650 will offer dual redundant, hot swappable power supplies that significantly increase both the availability and reliability of the gateway over previous systems. The G650 uses one or two 655A power supplies, operating on either AC and DC input power. Either power supply can provide all the power needed by the G650. When two power supplies exist, they share the power load. One power supply can operate on AC power and the other on DC power. The system will always use AC power if available.
The G650 consists of the following hardware:
• Circuit pack card cage
• Backplane
• I/O Connector Panel
• Field replaceable AC/DC power supplies (the 2nd power supply is optional)
• TDM/LAN bus cable and termination
• Fan assembly
• Address Board
The G650 can be powered by the following Media Servers:
• Avaya S8710 Media Server
• Avaya S8700 Media Server
• Avaya S8500 Media Server

1 & 2 S8700 (or S8710) Media Servers
3 Ethernet switch
4 & 5 UPS units: one for each server
6 G650 Media Gateway: Carrier position "A"
7 G650 Media Gateway: Carrier position "B"
8 G650 Media Gateway: Carrier position "C"
9 G650 Media Gateway: Carrier position "D"
10 G650 Media Gateway: Carrier position "E"