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Voice рекордери

NICE Systems enables organizations to transform business interactions into a source of business intelligence and competitive advantage.
NICE Systems is a worldwide leader of multimedia digital recording solutions, applications and related professional services for business interaction management.  
NICE’s synergistic technology platform enables businesses to capture, evaluate, and analyze interactions to build lasting customer loyalty and to improve business processes. 
These interactions are over all types of media including voice, Voice over IP, email, Internet, and video.  
NICE products and solutions are used in contact centers, financial institutions, air traffic control sites, CCTV (closed circuit television) security installations and government markets.
NICE’s corporate headquarters are based in Israel with subsidiary companies and local offices in the US, Canada, Germany, the UK and France. 
The company markets its products through its Premier Solution Providers and Vertical Market Specialists in North America, and through a growing distributor network around the world.
NICE is a public company traded on NASDAQ (symbol: NICE) and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (symbol: Nice). 1999 earnings topped $123 million, an increase of 36 percent compared to 1998, demonstrating once again NICE’s ability to sustain growth and provide quality solutions in answer to our customer’s requirements.

NICE Products Overview


NICE’s flagship product, NiceLog, is a market-leading CTI digital voice recording system that provides a wide range of scaleable recording solutions including total recording, recording-on-demand and selective recording. NiceLog also supports trunked radio for public safety applications. NiceLog provides continuous, unattended, reliable, high-quality digital recordings for immediate retrieval and playback. All incoming and outgoing call information is stored in NICE’s comprehensive database, NiceCLS (Call Logging System). 


Compact digital voice recording system for public safety centers, bank branches, and small ATC sites,  NiceCallTM is a compact and cost-effective voice recording system for smaller applications.

NiceCLS (Call Logging System)

NiceCLS is a powerful call logging system application that enhances the power of a NiceLog System by integrating call details, reported by the PBX/CTI server/CRM system.
NiceCLS continuously maintains a comprehensive SQL-compliant database that stores details for each call that are received from the telephone switch via the switch’s CDR/CTI link. 
To fully utilize features like free seating, Last Call Playback and to perform massive channels recording NiceCLS must be used. NiceCLS is an open and flexible product that can be configured to provide different functionality depending on the customer’s requirements.
NiceCLS server continuously performs the following operations:

  • Collects call details from the telephone switch to identify all incoming and outgoing calls handled
  • Processes and stores the call details in the NiceCLS Call database (an MS-SQL-compliant database of call entries). This Database is located in the NiceCLS server
  • Associates each call entry in the NiceCLS Call Database, with its audio recorded by the NiceLog, for transparent and instantaneous call playback upon user request
  • Authorized users may concurrently query the NiceLog Call Database from LAN-connected workstations. Each user can create customized database queries, based upon any field stored in the NiceLog Call Database to easily locate calls, based on various criteria.


Comprehensive Quality Management Solution for Contact Centers, NiceUniverse is an essential tool for evaluating and managing the quality of service provided by call center agents and for improving the overall performance of a call center. NiceUniverse is based on NICE's advanced digital voice recording and desktop screen capture capabilities. Application software allows call center managers to automate the process of recording customer calls. An integrated scoring form generator enables managers to evaluate agents consistently. The system provides custom reports and charts to measure performance levels, pinpoint training requirements and track progress of the quality program.

NiceCCA (Customer Contact Analyzer)

CCA allows executives and managers to understand exactly what customers are experiencing when contacting their company in order to identify actions needed to improve productivity and processes impacting customer satisfaction.
CCA links essential call details, such as whether customers were transferred, placed on hold, or abandoned from hold, complete with NICE recordings to enable users to re-create the complete customer experience from start to finish.
Using CCA’s fast and intuitive query builder, managers can mine their customer interaction data and create a wide variety of reports using information across an unlimited number of call management systems, switches, and NICE loggers, for an enterprise-wide view of the customer’s experience with your company.


CWS works with your CRM system or customer database to enable you to send personalized email invites to customers following an interaction with your contact center.
Customers are invited to participate in an on-line survey providing direct feedback regarding their experience.