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CPE & Access Gateways

CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) and Access Devices offered by AudioCodes include analog, BRI, digital and modular VoIP media gateways for enterprise, contact center, IPCentrex and broadband access applications. This group includes feature rich interfaces and signaling elements which are evident in the Mediant Series high end gateways and the MediaPack Series entry level gateways. CPE gateways are used in enterprise networks to connect IP-PBX systems to the PSTN or to legacy PBXs, as well as in Service Provider networks, in order to connect enterprise and residential customers into the emerging Voice over Broadband networks.

Mediant 1000 MSBG

Mediant 1000

Mediant 600

Mediant 2000

MediaPack 11x

MediaPack 202C

MediaPack 20x