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Over the past 10 years, innovative Ethernet switching products from Extreme Networks have re-defined networking by delivering meaningful insight and unprecedented control. Ethernet has become the foundation for global communications. Now, new expectations for rich infrastructure capabilities, high security, and flawless operations are testing network professionals like never before. Extreme Networks is responding with solutions that help deliver secure, robust connectivity for voice, video, and data to a discerning and highly mobile user community. In today’s world, your infrastructure partner matters. We can help you solve your toughest networking challenges.

With our Ethernet switches, enterprises and service providers can build scalable, highly-available networks that deliver voice and video traffic with clarity. We’ve integrated critical security features directly into the switch fabric and we’ve pioneered the Virtualized Security Resource architecture. Which means you’ll enjoy peace of mind today with the confidence that your network can grow and adapt to your changing needs. At Extreme Networks, it all starts with our switches!